What Is PRIZM?

In the beginning people created international social movement «Change the World Together» or abbreviated as CWT (Change the World Together). CWT is focused on creation and justice. Community CWT has an ideology, purpose, that leads to freedom of man and redirection of human energy into creativity and creation.

Only after creation of CWT community with same ideology, exchange unit PRIZM was created.

Prizm (PZM) - fully decentralised, self-regulated digital currency based on blockchain technology.
 New implementation of a concept cryptocurrency, that enables any user to store their money securely as well as make secure transactions directly just as easy as hand-to-hand transfer. 

Prizm is reinforced by people from CWT community with same ideology. Community, that will change the world for better. This is why community CWT is exchanging prizm unit within the community for goods, services or US dollars through stocks websites.

printing machine

Start your own printing machine

  • 1
    Obtain prizm coins at exchange market (hotbit.io, livecoin.net, prizmtorg.net, prizmbit.com) or exchange your goods for prizm.
  • 2
    Increase amount of your coins in your PRIZM wallet with paramining technology. With big volume of coins, they multiply in mathematical progression.
  • 3
    Exchange your coins for money, goods or services.
  • 4
    Share this unique technology with others and get rewarded.

Prizm As Your Own Business

Use Prizm In Your Business

Possibilities of Prizm


6 000 000 000 pmz is the total amount of coins in Genesis wallet. Paramining is taken away from Genesis wallet and distributed to all wallets at different rate. Paramining will stop when there will be no coins left in Genesis wallet.

PARATAX - is the total amount of coins mined in percentage by the participants of cryptocurrency PRIZM with PARAMINING technology.
PARATAX takes away percentage from PARAMINING.
Maximum limit of PARATAX will reach 98% at the moment when 3 billion pzm coins will be mined from Genesis wallet.
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